It's essential that every brand tells a story. Who are we trying to reach? What's our tone of voice? What problem are we trying to solve? Branding sets the tone for any other messaging that comes thereafter. Logo development, style guides, packaging, digital marketing and print collateral all must agree. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. 


Creating a family of care brochures for Naperville Presbyterian Church was really energizing. To visually connect the brochures, a gradient was applied over all four covers. Other aesthetic elements let the viewer know that these brochures were a family. 

The brochures spelled out the types of care that NPC initiated for individuals, the church body, the community and the world. 

When we finished the logos, we created a style guide to help the brand retain its original story. 

It was a pleasure working with Excellence in Operations.


Excellence in Operations approached Sweet Mercy Design to create a logo and branding story. We started with collaborating on an archetype evaluation so we could more quickly hone in on the branding tone of voice. 

Next we created two logos. One for their consulting arm and another for the coaching one. 

Style Guides help keep brand maintenance from turning into an exercise in subjective decision making. Typically guides are given to agencies and designers who are creating designs for an already established brand. 




STIC Technology Solutions, LLC needed a new logo and collateral for advertising. We decided to heavily rely on a type treatment. The font was heavily tweaked to create a flow from the letters "S" and "T". A playful hinged dot on the letter "I" makes sure that this blocky font isn't too serious. 



The "ROOTED" theme for this women's ministry needed to emphasize that with roots comes growth. A linear type treatment was selected and a subtle gradient energized the graphic. We didn't want the graphics to be too "girly", so we swapped out pink for more of a salmon hue and used muted blues and purples. 


Lott Behavioral had a solid logo and branding package already nailed down, so all that was necessary was to flesh it out in various platforms. 

For the social story, it was necessary to post regularly. It was important to make sure the posts sounded approachable and knowledgable. 

The posts were largely about psychological statistics, quotes from famous people about mental health and fun activities to do. Posts also encouraged a call to action.

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