It's no surprise that teens are entirely different from other demographics. Young people are creative, curious, exploratory and intelligent. Unfortunately, they've grown up in a world where they are pummeled with messaging on a level that exceeds that of older generations.


Because of this, designs need to be fun, authentic, clear and not condescending. And while today's youth are extremely active on social media, the content they are exposed to must be worthy of sharing with their networks. Designs promoting social causes are especially powerful - especially if they're aesthetically engaging and fun...and if an event comes with free bling, even better.



To promote Naperville Presbyterian church's high school winter retreat, I developed an energetic, inviting, linear design that incorporated the name of the event while maintaining a wintery "snowflake" feel. The crispness of the Winter Retreat snowflake mark blended well with gradients and simple photography, and translated well to all media, from posters and web banners to buttons and sweatshirts.

Winter Retreat 1

Lots of people love tchotchkes and teens are no exception. For a lot of the events we tried to provide buttons and/or tshirts. Free bling is fun.


For the 2020 Winter Retreat, I received a request to include maroon in the color scheme. Rather than do another snowy motif, I  decided on a more retro theme, reflecting imagery and fonts that were popular in the 1970s. The design also played up the year "2020" in the moon shape above the treeline of the imagery. 

Winter Retreat 2
Popsicle for Summer
High School Movie Night
Coffee House Night
Mission Trip
Fall Event
Winter Retreat


For this design, I used a bright green and yellow color scheme to reflect growth and renewal, which fit well with the service project and the mission of the camp as well. The graphical treatment, arranged vertically, allows the eye to move downward, following the story and leading to a call to action. 
Due to COVID the trip didn't happen, but hopefully there will be another opportunity in the future.

Mission Trip TShirt