Republic Services requested a self-mailing brochure to provide instructions about trash and recycling collection. Given this dual focus, I selected a color palette that included several shades of green (to highlight growth and renewal) as well as muted blue (to allude to their blue trash collection bins).


To drive awareness and sales of their high-quality writing instruments, Parker and Waterman Pens requested a brochure that could also function as a sell sheet. By combining close-up product photography with clear copy highlighting ideas like quality, luxury and craftsmanship, the brochure showcased the brand message of Parker and Waterman. 

The large blocks of the brand's color palette on the left panel were offset by the product specifications on the opposing panel. This helped to reinforce the brand message of quality, both from a visual/subjective perspective as well as a functional/objective one.



As part of a larger product rebranding project, Newell-Rubbermaid requested some new packaging designs for their SpaceMaker line. The goal was to advertise the modularity of the product in a concise way, given the limited space on the packaging. Following the launch of the redesigned packaging, sales of this product line increased 20%.


Knob Creek Whiskey, a premium liquor brand owned by Jim Beam, developed a promotion to drive membership in The Kentucky Bourbon circle, a loyalty program. One part of this promotion was a self-mailing postcard to advertise the promotion, offering a night at the Knob Creek Guest House and a meeting with Jim Beam's great grandson. 

The mailer featured full-color, close-up imagery of the product set against sepia-toned background photography – highlighting the combination of a modern specialty product with Knob Creek’s established legacy. This was intended to target people who desired quality and the accompanying feeling of being part of something greater than themselves.


Newell-Rubbermaid requested a point of purchase element to promote their Sharpie Micro product, a smaller, more mobile version of their iconic brand of permanent markers. The design prominently featured their branding, alongside imagery intended to convey a sense of fun and excitement; highlighting how the product could be both useful and playful at the same time. 

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