As a designer, I mostly create work for other people in THEIR voice. It's part of the job description. But ten years ago, I decided to make some designs just for me. The first year I took the best dozen from the lot and produced a calendar. I initially thought I’d just print a few for family and friends…but then the requests started coming in. It really is exciting when regular customers contact me every year to see when the new one is coming out.

The subject matter for my designs varies a lot, but mostly incorporates things that delight me; everything from office supplies to fruit to birds. My design style is largely geometric, which I find soothing to look at and challenging to create, especially when subject matter is more organic.
The calendar itself is printed on high quality paper, backed by chipboard and spiral bound. I print in small batches, working only with select local printers with high color quality standards. Best of all, from start to finish, the calendar is produced right here in the USA!

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